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Involvement Opportunities

Welcome to ADHA's Involvement Opportunities page where you can volunteer for projects that fit your interests, expertise and schedule.

The process is easy!

First, peruse the list of projects in the "Opportunities" list below. To find out more information about a specific project, click on the title of the project. When you are ready to volunteer, click on the specific project you are interested in and click the words "Sign Up". Simple as that.

Come back often to learn about new opportunities!

Opportunities will be posted throughout the year. Please note in order to sign up for an opportunity, you must be a current member of ADHA (unless otherwise noted).


  • National Board Examination Test Constructors Needed

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    • The American Dental Association Department of Testing Services is seeking volunteers to serve as test constructors for the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination. The deadline to submit volunteer applications is March 15, 2021.
    • Test Constructors are responsible for developing clear, accurate test questions in accordance with the specifications of our examination programs. The areas of expertise vary depending on each examination, so we look for volunteers with a wide variety of subject matter expertise.
    • Interested in serving on the Constituent Advisory Committee (CAC)?

      • Call for Site Visitor Volunteer Nominations

          Bio Data Form (Required)
          Site Visitor Nomination Form (Required)
        • Deadline for submitting applications is Friday, November 6, 2020
        • The Commission on Dental Accreditation considers nominations for site visitors on an annual basis at its Winter meeting. Site Visitors are appointed for one-year terms, which are renewable for six years. If appointed, the site visitor’s term will begin in October of the appointment year. The site visitor will be expected to complete the Commission’s online training program and attend a two-day training workshop in Chicago in June prior to their term start date. The site visitor will also be expected to be accessible and able to communicate by fax, electronic mail and the Commission's web-based communication tools. Review the full site visitor nomination criteria (PDF) for additional information. Call for Review Committee Nominations. ADHA is requesting nominations for the role “Site Visitor” in the following disciplines:
        • Allied Dental Education
        • * Dental Hygiene
          * Dental Therapy
        • Structure

          * The Commission considers a balance in geographic distribution, representation of the various types of educational settings, and diversity.
          * The Commission uses site visitors with education and practice expertise in the discipline or areas being evaluated to conduct its accreditation program. Nominations for site visitors are requested from national dental and dental related organizations representing the areas affected by the accreditation process.
          * The Commission is responsible for training accreditation consultants. Consulting assignments are made by the Commission. All site visit related expenses are assumed by the Commission

        • Criteria:
        • CODA requirements for dental hygiene site visitors:
        • * A full-time or part-time appointment with an accredited dental hygiene program;
          * a baccalaureate or higher degree;
          * background in educational methodology;
          * accreditation experience through an affiliation with a dental hygiene education program that has completed a site visit; and
          * accreditation experience within the previous three (3) years.

        • ADHA Requirements for dental hygiene site visitors:
        • * Current ADHA member
          * Minimum of a master’s degree
          * Minimum of 5 consecutive years of full-time experience in dental hygiene education.
          * Demonstrate current involvement in curriculum design, development, and evaluation and/or have responsibility for a dental hygiene program
          * Current license to practice dental hygiene and/or dentistry
          * Demonstrate effective communication skills, i.e. interviewing, listening, interpreting, writing, facilitating and negotiating
          * Demonstrate an understanding of the mission of institutions of higher learning
          * Demonstrate an understanding of the mission of dental hygiene education

        • CODA requirements for dental therapy site visitors:
        • * a full-time or part-time appointment with a predoctoral dental or allied dental education program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation or an accredited (or recognized) dental therapy program;
          * a baccalaureate or higher degree;
          * background in educational methodology;
          * accreditation experience through an affiliation with a dental therapy, allied, or predoctoral dental program that has completed a site visit; ~
          * accreditation experience within the previous three (3) years ~
          ~ temporarily waived for dental therapist educator position until after CODA accredits dental therapy education programs

        • Nomination Process

          * Site visitors for dental hygiene education programs are nominated by the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA). The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) is an additional source of nominations that augments, not supersedes any nomination from ADHA. Individuals may also submit self-nominations to the Commission.
          * Applications also need to be submitted directly to CODA. Please download the Site Visitor Nomination Form (PDF). Once completed, submit your form to the appropriate CODA staff manager via email. Site Visitor Nomination Forms are due to CODA staff by December 1, 2020 for consideration at the Commission’s Winter 2021 meeting.

        • Technical Review Ad Hoc Group

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          • Start Date: Immediately
          • Description:
            ADHA is looking for volunteers to review content including advertising, photographs and clinical information for accuracy and appropriateness as needed.
          • Qualifications:

            Expertise in one or more areas of clinical dental hygiene practice including but not limited to:
            * Infection control/PPE/OSHA
            * Instruments and equipment
            * Oral pathology
            * Pharmacology
            * Resonance of content with a dental hygiene audience

            Ability to respond quickly